Learn to be Human

Our corporate name, identity and mission statement emerged as we considered what sets human apart from other animals. In today’s marketplace, it is an absolute necessity to maintain lifelong learning in order to stay relevant, profitable, competitive and leave behind a legacy for future generations.

“... ‘Life-long’ learning is no mere slogan or empty rhetoric because it defines human life itself in 21st century societies”

Albert Tuijnman

Since lifelong learning defines us as beings who have the capacity to continually expand our knowledge, beyond simple survival to a better understanding of our role in the world, we must all Learn to be Human.

We Teach the Way that Humans Learn

Learn to be Human Educational Services provides learning consulting, instructional design, classroom delivery, and development for eLearning.

We incorporate principles of adult learning into our designs and believe that all content needs to be appropraite, engaging, and intuitive to use. Many of our projects involve rapid eLearning design and development using eLearning authoring tools such as Captivate, but we still cater to tools that enhance traditional classroom delivery.

Workplace Learning

There is little doubt that the workplace has become much more complex and as our employees become progressively more specialized, it becomes that much more important to provide and evaluate on-going training. Delivery of worplace learning can be a dunting and expensive undertaking, but one that based on research will always pay dividends in the long run.

“Canada needs a new approach to worker training. We need to develop a culture based on the recognition that continuous updating of skills and education is critical, not only for employers and workers, but for the country as a whole.

Canadian Labour Congress

The Labour Congress report underscores the need for this corporate culture shift so taht we can maintain our edge in what is becoming an increasingly competitive marketplace. The Conference Board of Canada has identified eLearning as a valuable emergent tool to increase worker literacy and to boost staff performance.

The Canadian Council on Learning report available below in pdf form goes a few steps further in identifying the corporate, financial and social benefits of a workforce that engages in lifelong learning.

“Investing in people, in training and skills development for our workers, pays off. There is solid evidence that higher education and skills levels lead to greater productivity, an increased capacity for innovation, firm success, and economic growth, and improved employment and earnings for workers”

Canadian Council on Learning

Measuring the contribution of skills to business Performance

Labour’s Vision of Workplace Training and Lifelong Learning