Traditional Training Delivery

Technology is advancing at a lightning pace in today's workplace, and learning to use all the tools availableis becoming more important. When combined with innovative training methods this can leave some students confused. There is something to be said for the comfort of what we are familiar with, and for many, this means receiving training in a traditional classroom environment. Classroom training can be an affordable way to train several staff members at the same time. But this method of training does not scale very well when compared to technology mediated learning.

PowerPoint Presentations

If you need to impress your audience, but you don't have time or experience to create a stunning presentation yourself, then let our creative experts take the load off your shoulders. They can create a high-impact presentation design for PowerPoint that integrates easy-to-follow structure, exceptional graphics, highly readable text, and crowd-pleasing animation. Whether you need to enhance your own slides or build an interactive PowerPoint presentation from the ground up, our professional PowerPoint designers can help make your presentation memorable.

eLearning Solutions

Our innovative student-centric approach to eLearning design ensures that learners achieve their maximum learning potential, and that you receive a maximum return on your eLearning investment. Combining the latest approaches in education, with effective use of technology, we provide optimal student learning experiences. This translates into cost effectinve training solutions that can be made available company wide and taken as student time allows. This delivery method allows staff to continue upgrading their skills with minimal impact on their day-to-day job performance.

“Workplace learning programs, using e-learning, traditional classroom training and blended solutions, are an important strategy for improving literacy levels and the performance of Canadian employees.”

The Conference Board of Canada